Monday, September 19, 2011


Have you heard of Pinterest?  It's basically on online ideas folder where you can keep track of all of the beautiful images you find online - whether they involve fashion, crafts, books, home decor, wedding plans, whatever!  It keeps all your images in one place and (best of all), attached to each image is a link to the original source, so you never have to go back and figure out where you found the website that showed how to make those adorable light bulb vases, or who sells those fun fall boots!  You can also browse other people's Pinboards and find millions (literally!) of things to add to your own Pinboard.  So maybe it's a waste of time, but hey.  For people like me who love crafts, learning new things, and collecting information, this is going to be a very useful tool.

I'm talking as if I already use it.  But I don't...not yet anyway.  I went online to start my own Pinboard today, but it turns out you have to request an invitation from Pinterest to join their community.  So, while I'm waiting for my invitation to grace (pun) my inbox, I have already found several deliciously fun things that I want to "pin" here they are. - pretty wall hangings made out of toilet paper rolls!  Talk about redemption... - footprint reindeer.  The first Christmas after Rod and I have a baby, I WILL use this as a Christmas card. - I knew my love for empty frames would come in handy someday. - I knew as soon as my baby niece was born in April that I would be going broke for her...this is why.

Then there are things that I would probably never actually make, but they are just beautiful and inspiring...


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