Monday, June 7, 2010

Mirror, mirror, on the wall....

When the only mirror you have in your house is about the size of a cafeteria serving tray and is bolted to the wall in your bathroom, you have to improvise when it comes to checking out your full-length self. You could just be boring and bring a step stool into the bathroom to make sure your paisley skirt and yellow peasant shirt at least kind of go together...but if you're like me, you get much more creative.

Sometimes I use the oven door. Sometimes (if it's dark outside) I'll use the bedroom window. But today I spent a fair amount of time standing in the living room staring into the dark television screen. Mind you, I was not checking my posture or coordinating my shoes with my shirt...I was posing. With my guitar.

My mom bought me a guitar strap for my birthday in April, and since then I have been practicing playing while standing up. This is not an easy feat, considering I have spent the last three years as a guitar player sitting on my buns. I realize now what bad habits this created in my "form." Bending over to see the strings, holding the guitar at an angle so I can check the placement of my fingers. Not good things.

So half the time I practice now, I do it standing up. And today, I caught my reflection in the TV and decided to experiment with different ways to stand while playing my guitar. Feet spread wide like an A. Or close together and slightly turned out like a ballerina. I even tried the I'm-really-getting-into-this-song-and-I-look-like-I-have-to-pee stance, which honestly looked the coolest.

After about 5 or 10 minutes of testing my new rock star poses, I realized how absurd I was acting, pulled myself together, and closed the TV cabinet. It's sickening how distracted I can get with my own reflection. I'm like a gerbil or something.

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  1. This made me smile. :) I still need to learn guitar. What kind of guitar do you have?