Sunday, June 13, 2010

Delish. Nutrish.

Pistachio Chicken......mmm-hmm.

2 chicken breasts
a bunch of pistachio nuts, deshelled
some mayonnaise

Oven = 350 degrees

Chop up the pistachios.  Use a knife, a rolling pin, or (my preference) a blender.

Take a chicken breast, butterflied, coat in mayonnaise, roll in chopped nuts.

Lay carefully into a non-greased, warmed pan and flip after a couple of minutes.  This is just to brown the nuts and seal them together.  Don't worry if it falls apart.  You can eat the pieces....yumyumyum.

Once both sides are browned, put in a non-greased, glass casserole dish and throw it in the oven for twenty or twenty-five minutes.  Just until the chicken is no longer pink.

Tonight, we had this with wild rice and a BIG glass of cooooooool milk.  Happy tummy :)

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